The Money Really Is In Your Message!

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Get in on the System that's PROVEN to add an additional $10,000 - $20,000 per month to your income!

  • Learn how to create a powerful and compelling message that will attract high value clients.
  • Discover how to create value through questions so you attract your ideal client, you know, the ones that need help!
  • Understand how to create a framework to position you as the expert and build your authority!
  • Learn how to create up to 9 streams of income so your revenue stream increases month after month.

An easy, PROVEN 7-step process for Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Experts, Consultants, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs.

In 90 Days or LESS You'll Make the 2 Degree Shift in Your Business that can Generate an Additional $10,000-$20,000 per Month.

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Step #1: MINDSET

Change your mindset and change your life!

Get out of your own way and create a clear set of obtainable goals to build your momentum. 

How to stop the madness of going nowhere and start the process of finally moving forward in pursuit of your dreams and desires. 


Evaluate your Target Market and Identify the #1 Problem you can help them solve!

Understand how to identify who your target market is and is not, so your message resonates your prospects and repels those you don’t want to work with.

Discover how to position your solution using a clear and concise framework.  



Structure your message so you have prospects lining up to work with you.

Discover how to create value through questions so you can attract your ideal clients, the ones who have money and a problem you can solve. 


Step #4: SEED

The ‘secret’ method to influence and persuade your clients to buy from you through conversation.  

How to address and overcome objections BEFORE the prospect even has a chance to bring them up! 


Learn what it takes to become the Authority in your business and field of expertise so your prospects want to work with you.

How to structure your Authority Story even if you are brand new to your business or field of expertise so prospects never question your qualifications.



Discover how to generate 9 Proven Streams of Income that have generated billions of dollars for coaches, consultants and speakers around the world.

Learn how to automate parts of your business so you make money while you sleep (and have more time for yourself!). 



Educate your prospects on the problems you solve using stories of transformation.

How to structure your 4- Stage Hero's Journey that will connect, resonate and move your prospects to knowing, liking and trusting you.

Learn how to get your clients to give you a powerful testimonial that will influence and pursuade more of your prospects to buy from you. 

When You Register, You’ll Get These Amazing Bonuses

Monthly Group Coaching & Q&A Sessions

I know you'll have questions as you dive into your site, so that's why we've set up monthly live Q&A calls to get you the answers you need so you can make fast progress. During these sessions, we'll deliver some extra distinctions and answer your questions about building a wildly successful business through your message. 

2 Tickets For Live Event

You will receive 2 Tickets to the LIVE upcoming "The Money Is In Your Message" event!  Date, Time and Location TBA

6-Figure Scripts

You Receive "Instant Messaging" scripts that enable you to book meetings or consultations within 5 minutes right from your phone.  When it's time for the consultation, use on of the two proven high ticket consultation scripts that will seamlessly guide your prospect to the sale, without coming across all salesy.   

Online Mastermind

You will get 3 Months FREE Access to the Online Mastermind where other Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Business Owners come together to collaborate on ideas, share experiences and help each other build and grow their business.  You will discover what's working right now and what's not, so you can focus your efforts on your Highest Leverage Activities.. you know, the ones that make you MONEY!

Private Facebook Group

We've set up a private Facebook group just for The Money Is In Your Message students, and it's completely new. Upon enrolment, you'll receive access to this active community of speakers, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners, many of whom have already built successful businesses. Many people consider access to our online community to be one of the most valuable parts of their investment. In the group, you'll:

  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs from around the globe who are implementing the same strategies you'll be working on. They'll act as your instant "network" of creators, entrepreneurs and business owners to offer support along the way. (And remember, you get what you give! My community loves to share, and I hope you do, too.)
  • Get feedback on your ideas from the community (and sometimes, directly from us!). Post your content concepts, even your Bio and Introduction and ask for feedback. You'll get valuable experience from a variety of viewpoints, which will help you home in on your final version much more quickly. You can also ask for input as you complete the exercises within the training course to give you a "double check" that you're on the right track.
  • Stay motivated and inspired as you create, implement and maximize your membership site by keeping company with action-taking entrepreneurs and business owners. Feeling confused? Need a little boost? The community is there for you and, when you hit your own milestones, they'll be there to celebrate with you.

Barry Schimmel

I grew up with a loving family in a tough intercity neighborhood of Chicago. Funds were tight and violence could easily be found. It taught me to be mentally and physically strong. It also taught me a solid work ethic. I knew that if I wanted something, I needed to work for it and I did. Cutting grasses, delivering newspapers, you name it, I did it. By the time I was in high school, I was helping my parents pay the mortgage. It really was about survival.

As soon as I graduated high school, I joined the Air Force and was eventually stationed in Germany as an SP. I had the honor to protecting the American hostages when they were released from Iran back in 1981. The Air Force taught me so much and I am proud to have served my country. The Air Force also gave me a path to get my college education. Once I was discharged, I worked full-time and was a full-time student. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I continued and received my MBA through Roosevelt University.

Education, hard work, and a commitment to helping myself and others has been the theme of my entire life. For the last 25 years, I have successfully incorporated my strengths into the marketing and technology industries, building 3 multi-million dollar companies. Now, I work with others who have a mission and passion to continue to advance themselves, to contribute to others, and to leave a positive impact on the world.

Get "The Money is in Your Message" Now!

Make one payment of $1997

Retail Price - $2997. Save $1000 NOW!

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Make four payments of $549

(Four Monthly Payments)

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Fast Action Bonus Items 

Receive a Proven Webinar Framework that helps you close sales ($399 Value), and you’ll also receive the Speaking Framework that will give you the structure you need in order to be able to put together a signature talk.

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